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HD Advance 3.0 PAL for FAT PS2 consoles

HD Advance 3.0 PAL for FAT PS2 consoles

Product Information

HDAdvance 3.0 allows you to convert your PS2 games to harddisk and run them directly from the harddisk connected to your console (PS2 Network adapter and compatible harddisk required). The HDAdvance package includes a CD and a DVD: The CD version embedded with the largest TOC. It can convert all CD games. The DVD version also embedded with the largest TOC. It can convert all DVD games.

   Main Featu

No Modification made to your PS2 Console. It will not void your PS2 Warranty

Support DVD-9 disc.

DVD-9 cannot be converted in the previous version.  But, now with the aid of HDAdvance 3.0, you can convert DVD-9 games to PS2 harddisk easily.

No More Loading

Actually, PS2 can read data from a harddisk much faster than it can read from a CD or DVD. By using HDAdvance, you can run your PS2 games from the harddisk directly and reduce the game loading times sharply. You can say goodbye to those boring game loading screen!

User Friendly Graphical Interface

The user interface of HDAdvance is designed with simplicity. You will find that it is easy to navigate the game files and use the command to manage the game files. Other than converting PS2 games into harddisk, you can find other commands to relabel the files or to delete the file.

Excellent Compatibility

Over 95% of games work with HDAdvance without flaw when running from your hard disk drive. HDAdvance is compatible with both the official PS2 harddisk and standard IDE harddisks. HDAdvance supports 40GB to 200GB harddisk. HDAdvance 3.0 support 40GB to 200GB harddisk. Compatable with FAT PS2 Models SCPH 3000X, 3900x,  5000X with HDD/Network adaptor slot. PS2 Network adaptor required

For full details see offical website

Please see the offical website for game compatabilty and further information to be sure this product is right for you.. 

   Package Contents

HDAdvance 3.0 PAL CD and DVD DISC

   Additional Photos


   Manuals, Downloads & Product Links

 Installation Instructions


Price: $39.95

Product Code: HDAD4

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